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HandsOnSports Foundation Hosts Akron CIty Futsal Camp!

July 2, 2014

Otto Orf and the HandsOnSports Foundation Give Akron Youth Their Own World Cup Experience!

Lane Field Becomes a Mini-World Cup Event Thanks to Henkel Corporation And the South Rangers Athletic Association!

Over 40 Akron city youth had the opportunity to participate in their own mini-world cup experience when Otto Orf and staff of the HandsOnSports Foundation provided a two-day camp at Lane Field in June 2014.

Futsal is the official international version of indoor and street soccer and is recognized by the world's soccer governing bodies. It is played 5 against 5, on a hard surface roughly the size of a basketball court with a ball created to be 'low bounce' to keep it on the ground and at the feet of the participants. Because of these characteristics and the availability of basketball courts both indoors and out, futsal is a very popular game in urban communities and with a variety of cultures.

The camp was designed in partnership with the South Rangers Athletic Association and the Urban League of Akron.  During the two-day experience, youth were given Futsal skills instruction including footskills, team development, agility training, eye-hand coordiation activities, and live game play.   Each youth was also given a healthy snack and heard a guest speaker to talk about the importance of good nutrition.  To promote learning and education, youth were provided with a map to color and given an opportunity to place the World Cup countries on the map.

The camp was held at Lane Field, the site of Akron's only outdoor Futsal court and developed by Otto Orf and the HandsOnSports Foundation.

To learn more about the HandsOnSports Foundation, click here!

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