Urban Futsal Initiative

The Urban Futsal Initiative has two programs associated with it.

First, we are partnering with communities and municipalities to locate aged out tennis courts rehabilitating and converting these spaces into new usable futsal play spaces for the children of neighborhoods who have not traditionally had access to the game of soccer.

To date we have completed four courts in Akron and Cuyahoga Falls. Additionally the HOSF, has consulted on courts in Milwaukee, Wi, Minerva, OH, Lakewood, OH

In conjunction with the creation of thee play spaces HOSF provides programming in the form of clinics, weekly training sessions, games and tournaments to help facilitate the court use and teach the children the game of futsal. These programs come complete with equipment including shirts, shoes, balls, socks and shorts.

Make a Donation

Help us improve inner city areas and turn outdated tennis courts and areas into exciting futsal play spaces for children of all ages. Make a donation towards our Urban Futsal Initiative today.